He's her Lobster Cake Topper
He's her Lobster Cake Topper

He's her Lobster Cake Topper

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PHOEBE: Hang in there, it's gonna happen.
ROSS: Wha, OK, now how do you know that?
PHOEBE: Because she's your lobster.
CHANDLER: Oh, she's goin' somewhere.
PHOEBE: C'mon you guys. It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You know what, you can actually see old lobster couples walkin' around their tank, ya know, holding claws like. . .

'Friends' fans unite! Let everyone know that you've found your Lobster.

Measures: 3mm thick, Total length 210mm, Spike length 130mm (2 spikes), Grey back

Note: All toppers are made to order in the material you select.
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